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Promoting the four pillars of health and wellness: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Behavior Modification, and Medication.

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Harvey Hall, ARNP

Ideal wellness is one that is personalized, yet with the sense of using the available science that supports the road to optimizing various aspects of health, nutrition, physical activity, education/coaching and medication that helps with cravings, as well as other medication augmentations.  “It is like football:  one cannot win a game with just one player, it takes a team, a winning plan, and the knowledge of how to play the game.”  Championing the efforts of our patients to meet their wellness and weight management goals is our ultimate goal. If it is helpful to support wellness, it is our endeavor to find a way to deliver it.


The staff at Zenith Health are committed to helping you achieve wellness, weight loss, and looking and feeling your best.

The practice also has a specialized device that provides a 360° look at all the biometric markers for safe, efficient weight loss; this allows for medically supervised weight loss to ensure that lean muscle mass is preserved, which is important to ensure overall health, energy and strength.

Coming soon:  patented red light therapy that is non-invasive, with an average of 3.5 inches lost in first session; results in as little as 4-6 sessions.  Recommended for those wanting additional adipose tissue loss, especially in areas of the body that are typically difficult to lose.

Also, coming soon:  Walk with the Doc!!!  Walk with Harvey and staff to help support your physical activity goals!

Customized Wellness and Weight Loss Management

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