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Our personalized wellness and weight management plan promotes four major principles: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Behavioral Modification and Education, and Medication Management. When all these principles are applied, goals can be achieved that make it possible to obtain and maintain optimal health and wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is low carbohydrate nutrition only way to lose weight?

No. There are many nutrition programs and plans that can accompany weight loss; the principles learned while in this program assist each individual in personalizing a nutrition plan that suits one’s personal needs and lifestyle, while targeting optimal weight loss/wellness.

Is intense exercise needed to support my weight loss goals?

Physical activity needs to be incorporated to promote wellness and maintaining weight management.  Each individual will be given a physical activity prescription that is tailored to their needs, and will be modified as he/she progresses through the various stages of their weight loss/wellness program.

Does behavior really impact wellness and weight loss?

Often when a weight loss program does not work or a plateau is reached, often the behavior component of weight management has to be reviewed; for example, being aware of how our senses can trigger our nutrition habits is vital in controlling and mitigating the urges of smell, sight, and other emotions.

Will weight loss medication help me lose weight?

Medication treatment can help to control hunger cravings; studies have shown that there is 4-6 times success with weight loss goals with medication that is specifically designed to control hunger/cravings.

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